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Fr/ Sa i was by my friend, markus. We had a lot of fun with cutting his McKinley video.
And i also had my camera with me and i tryed to make photographs from him, but that wasn't as easy as i thought, because he wount let me photograph him^^

Today i was in the Floridsdorfer Hallenbad. There were many friends of mine: Ernst, Flo, Aurelia, Klara, Miri, Markus, Robin and also my family and me.
We jump from the 1,3,5m high diving board, we swam to the people in the kajaks and tryed to keel them over. That was a lot of fun.
Than it was time to leave and we go to the pizzaria.

In the afternoon for two hours i drove around with my dad in our car^^
It wasnt easy for him i think :-D

9.3.08 19:27

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